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Born and raised in Hawaii, Isaac is a celebrity trainer, choreographer and Broadway dancer with a long list of credits to his name. While using his experience crafting routines on the main stages of the pop music world and training artists to sculpt their bodies in preparation for their demanding projects, Isaac created TORCH’D, a sustainable workout that burns fat, builds stamina and achieves visible results.

Celebrities such as KELLY RIPA, VANESSA HUDGENS, LISA RINNA, JESSICA CHASTAIN, GWYNETH PALTROW, NAOMI WATTS, FAYE DUNAWAY, and LUCY LIU are just a few longtime devotees of TORCH’D and are never hesitant to give Isaac credit for their superb form and increased energy. As one of the most in-demand fitness trainers in NYC, The Hamptons and LA, Isaac established a thriving personal trainer business.

In March of 2020, as a result of the pandemic lockdown, Isaac offered his TORCH’D classes everyday for free for the first time on Instagram (@isaacboots) and in just a short time Isaac’s workouts became one of the most followed fitness classes around the world. Not wanting to charge a fee for access to the classes during the pandemic, Isaac instead asked his followers to donate what they could to No Kid Hungry, the charity known for providing millions of meals to kids in need. The request was heartfelt and personal. Isaac, from extremely modest means, grew up on food stamps and was challenged by the stigma associated with it.

Isaac believes a child’s next meal should be a right and not a privilege. He hoped his followers might raise $10,000 through the effort. Astonishingly, after just seven months, Isaac’s effort raised over $1Million for No Kid Hungry, thereby making him the single, largest, individual fundraiser in the organization’s history. Isaac has been incredibly humbled by the love and support from his followers.

Not surprisingly, the media quickly took note of the Instagram sensation. The New York Times dubbed Isaac “The breakout star of virtual fitness.”

People Magazine said “Across the world, thousands of viewers aiming for a toned body and the entertaining sass of Isaac Boots are tuning in to this pandemic body-conditioning diversion.”

NBC-TV’s The Today Show said “Isaac has blended his fitness experience with his time spent creating dances for the pop music scene into a full-body workout that burns fat, tones muscles and gets your heart pumping. Plus, you’ll smile along as you sweat.”

In Style declared “Isaac’s free Instagram workouts are infectious - just ask Kelly Ripa.”

While still showing up everyday to lead his free Instagram classes, Isaac has also become one the most requested brand ambassadors in the fields of fitness, health, wellness, fashion and culture.

Isaac has pledged to continue using his popularity to assist those in need. Says Isaac, “What is the point of having a popular platform, if you don’t use the opportunity to help others?"

Clearly, Isaac Boots is doing his part.

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